I'm Brook Hayfield,
a visual communication designer based in Barcelona.

Selected Projects (6)

01. Designing Systems with Ogilvy Healthworld™

Ogilvy Healthworld challenged the Graphic Communication Design Course at Central Saint Martins to create a design system to effectively communicate complex clinical trial summaries to a non-specialist audience.
February 2020
UX UI / Systems / Accessibility

02. Prioritising Positive Inefficiency in our Environment

Can a frictionless system be just as exciting without resilience? I created a wayfinding system that promotes independent journeys through a physical landscape, prioritising dèrive to better connect an audience to their surroundings by deconstructing the 'necessary' elements for navigation.
March 2021
Wayfinding / Navigation

03. chopd: Tackling Obesity with Bite Back 2030™

Bite Back 2030 challenged the Graphic Communication Design Course at Central Saint Martins to design materials or methods to engage children and young people in critical reflective thinking about food and drink. I created a social platform exclusively for high school children to question their eating habits and build their confidence in cooking.
March 2021
UI / App

04. Re-imagining our Relationship with Identity

This project aims to re-imaine our relation with data. It allows the audience to engage with tactility as a connection to their emotional understanding of their values, which in turn, promotes a healthier and happier relationship with their personal data.
February 2021
Data / Information Design

05. wëco: Preserve to Prevent

As a collaborative university project, we focused on society’s consumption and preserving biodiversity, consequently preventing the rise of natural disasters. Through wëco, a stimulating social platform, we are able to monitor and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle to become more aware of our individual impact on the world.
December 2019
UI / App

06. Creative Coding Archive

I use the p5.js JavaScript editor to challenge my creative ability as a designer to visualise my ideas in a new and challening way. Although I don't use programming languages in my projects (I'm still a beginner), I enjoy experimenting with interactive graphics and learning to use APIs. I have also practiced with Atom to generate a very basic understanding of HTML and CSS in building simple websites.
2018 - 2019
Javascript / Processing
Project Archive
An archive of personal projects that I have created over the past five years with mediums ranging from Fine Art to Editorial Design.
2017 - 2021